Assumptions of Appreciative Inquiry
It occurred to me today that it might be useful to consider the Assumptions of Appreciative Inquiry as guiding prinicples for this conference. This was a handout from a course I took a few years ago. The source is The Thin Book of Appreciative Inquiry by Sue Annis Hammond, pages 20 and 21. (I'm not sure which edition it comes from.)
1. In every society, organization, or group, something works.
2. What we focus on becomes our reality.
3. Reality is created in the moment, and there are multiple realities.
4. The act of asking questions of an organization or group influences the group in some way.
5. People have more confidence and comfort to journey to the future (the unknown) when they carry forward parts of the past (the known).
6. If we carry parts of the past forward, they should be what is best about the past.
7. It is important to value differences.
8. The language we use creates our reality.
-Liz Davis

Karl Fisch has a great post about student involvement in conference. They are the stakeholders...can some SLA students participant somehow?
-- Perhaps give students time to meet (after sessions) to discuss their ideas and make a presentation on their "vision" of 21st Century education (saw something similar at a Gates' Foundation Inst. on school reform -- the kids had excellent ideas and their presentation was powerful!) (from Stephanie Sandifer)
  • Note about student involvement - I'd like to see students fully integrated, why segregate their discussions or presensentions? How can they be involved in the planning? (Sylvia Martinez)
  • Definitely integrate students into the entire conference... not separately. I am a student... I am working on trying to be able to attend. I'd love to help organize any presentations we do. (Arthus Erea -
  • Well, for the kids I know, that's easy... I'll point them to the wiki and we'll have plenty of involvement. :) (Chris Lehmann)
  • My daughter will be attending with me, she's 15 and a sophomore in h.s. and will have her laptop (Pamela Livingston)
-- I would be interested in speaking to the teachers at SLA. Maybe hold a session on what is working and suggestions for other teachers. (Danita Russell)
  • I'm part of a conversation session with Peter Brown. We are going to talk about the mentoring proses we have going for my individualised learning plan and what we are up to. So i can't wait to talk and share about that! also i know of quite a few other students from SLA that are going to be part of the weekend. Students are going to be represented i'm sure. (Alison Campbell, SLA student)