Sunday Morning Panel Presentation

Featuring Gary Stager, Will Richardson, Sylvia Martinez, Joyce Valenza, Chris Lehmann, David Jakes

08:43 BarbNebraska : @cathyjo, Hello!
08:43 mjmontagne : when I was teaching in a large city district we had very few prep times...way too many kids in the classroom and way too many social ills.
08:43 jepcke : true, but they can have moe leeway with the curriculum
08:44 snbeach : I think we need to stop putting schools and teachers in piles.. and think educators period
08:44 mguhlin : Is this panel almost over? Heck, I overslept!
08:44 kpruitt : we now have 6 sets of data to look at for PSSA test in my school
08:44 tkidd132 : It is a great opportunity to be able to come to this Conference.....And to be able to be a Student Vioce.....
08:44 snbeach : home schoolers, independent schoolers, public schoolers.. we all want to oppen doors for kids
08:44 kpruitt : no timke for anything else
08:44 jepcke : I mean look at SLA?
08:44 Deacs84 : tyrone, you're amazing...
08:44 mjmontagne : we need systemic change in schools...and that will require funding-alot of funding...american taxpayers don't want that...
08:44 BarbNebraska : Parent's are the childrens first teachers.
08:44 lbilak : we have too many meetings run by people who have nothing to give me intellectually
08:44 swagner : SLA has 30+ kids in a class... it can still work
08:45 snbeach : we need to simply learn from the success of others across the board
08:45 BarbNebraska : I have 32 3rd graders in my class
08:45 leebaber : more about method and frameworks than leeway in content
08:45 lizbdavis : Yes - we need to support our teachers. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Empathize with them.
08:45 tkidd132 : Yeah...I thought i was...but really wasn't sure
08:45 snbeach : liz.. to a point..
08:45 mjmontagne : I think virtual schools will proliferate going forward tho...becuase the system is too molded and unresponsive to change
08:45 tkidd132 : Laura Where are you??
08:45 snbeach : there is a place and time we need to push them along the change continuum
08:45 Deacs84 : far left of the room
08:45 irtemed : subvert the system :)
08:45 snbeach : teachers need to be nudged
08:46 snbeach : and supported as you nudge
08:46 tkidd132 : up front
08:46 snbeach : the network helps with that
08:46 cfoote : This is an interesting discussion for administrators to hear. seriously.
08:46 BarbNebraska : @snbeach, I would like support! I teach at a small Catholic school
08:46 snbeach : we need to gently push teachers from comfort zone
08:46 lizbdavis : I nudge the teachers I work with. But I'm very careful about how I interact with my kids' teachers.
08:46 snbeach : and listen as they squirm
08:46 snbeach : and then help them to the next level
08:46 Deacs84 : parents need to take more ownership and be active stakeholders
08:46 snbeach : ongoing PD over time
08:46 mjmontagne : @cfoote...I agree would love to have admin leadership hear this...actually all of the conversations
08:46 tansmom : yes liz, I am afraid to be labeled as a nightmare mom
08:47 johnrivera : it is about parents partnering with their child's teacher so it becomes a collaboration
08:47 mjmontagne : Did anyone hear Dennis Richards' session was EXCELLENT.
08:47 kpruitt : funny, I can't see 5% of my staff getting up on Sun morning to participate....sad
08:47 Deacs84 : but they need to know what education can look like, and be good educators themselves
08:47 wcgaskins : How about the vision of our leadership
08:47 lizbdavis : @tansmom exactly
08:47 cfoote : lol
08:47 tansmom : LOL
08:47 wcgaskins : lo
08:47 snbeach : I think leaders that hear the message that is customized to their needs they get it
08:47 hshawjr : its okay to be a nightmare mom if you are supporting your child - they only have one chance to do go throught this
08:47 BarbNebraska : cute story, I'm a geek, like my sons!
08:47 irtemed : @mjmontagne nope; is it archived?
08:47 mmiller7571 : I am going to email all my teachers a link to this edtechtalk page in case they are interested
08:47 tom_turner : LOL.....geeks raising geeks...sounds like my family here too
08:48 tansmom : true hshawjr
08:48 snbeach : talk up David
08:48 Deacs84 : in our age of abundance we've lost our sense of "need" and many parents aren't modeling active, life-long learning
08:48 lizbdavis : I also think that there is way to much teacher bashing in the media and in politics
08:48 mjmontagne : wonder if the panelists had a rough night last nite?
08:48 BarbNebraska : Got to run, BBL
08:48 tkidd132 : Hey.....Mr. LEhmann Its Funny how your son is just like is daddy while is is young
08:48 mjclausen : students are students!
08:48 snbeach : Chris.. tell David to speak up
08:48 stevesoko : I am so sad I have to leave this live archive will not be the same... but I have to go.
08:48 snbeach : bye steve
08:48 mjmontagne : @irt- Yes, I think all of the ustreams are being archived...
08:48 tom_turner : *wave Steve*
08:48 snbeach : there you go
08:48 Deacs84 : what happens when we have too much...inertia
08:48 snbeach : thanks whoever said that
08:49 mmiller7571 : is the panel mic'd or is the "room" mic'd for ustream
08:49 snbeach : yes! That is my hero.. kids are the focus
08:49 kernkelley : well said
08:49 swagner : no mics for the room for sure
08:49 snbeach : sell the solutions.. yuck
08:50 kernkelley : 85
08:50 tom_turner : he was close
08:50 jepcke : another missed opportunity...where's the media?
08:50 snbeach : how can we have powerful conversations using common assessments to help others see and discover what is working
08:50 mmiller7571 : trying to watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse with a 2 year old while "attending" this conference
08:50 mjmontagne : Was SLA featured in Wikinomics by Tapscott?
08:50 ijesspederson : lol 103 were watching Will yesterday, more watching than they think
08:50 kpruitt : media....they are covering 100th pres debate
08:50 chrislehmann-1 : nope
08:50 wcgaskins : Gary--We have to be working with old media if we want to make this reform happen.
08:50 mjmontagne : I remember a reference to a HS in Tapscott's book
08:51 tansmom : it always starts on the coasts doesnt it?
08:51 mjmontagne : I thought HS was from Hilly
08:51 mjmontagne : Philly
08:51 kpruitt : we get money in may...all is well with the world
08:51 snbeach : it needs to begin with teachers
08:51 snbeach : not media
08:51 swagner : MAKE IT!!! I love it.
08:51 tom_turner : DOH!
08:51 snbeach : otherwise politics will make it what it doesnt need to be
08:51 tansmom : lol
08:51 mjmontagne : sustained PD
08:51 hshawjr : this conference is the like panelist preaching to the choir (nothing is going to change) without getting politicians and other "leaders" getting involved with our passion to help our students
08:51 kernkelley : here's a model to showcase
08:51 mjmontagne : that is what we're after...sustained PD
08:52 nnoakes : why do we have panels in educon2.0?
08:52 snbeach : right sustain PD is the way
08:52 mguhlin : "It can't end today" reminds me of religious retreats. But isn't that what happens? It ends, snuffed out on return to reality.
08:52 drmscearce : As a newcomer, I have felt very welcome and supported
08:52 snbeach : helping teachers find their voice
08:52 mjclausen : I believe the panel is in leiu of a keynote
08:52 tom_turner : @hshawjr hence why I loved the subversive comment so well
08:52 snbeach : help them understand how to be professionals
08:52 mmiller7571 : I like the panel
08:52 snbeach : help them understand action research
08:52 kernkelley : clap clap*
08:52 mjmontagne : @snbeach-that is what I hope you will help us with...
08:52 nnoakes : so what should we have in lieu of the panel ?
08:52 snbeach : how to communicate with the media
08:52 mguhlin : Need to reach the community.
08:52 snbeach : how to share with each others on what is working
08:52 lizbdavis : @nnoakes intersting question
08:52 nnoakes : it is still power of the few
08:52 snbeach : it is about developing teacher leadership
08:53 mguhlin : I like Sylvia's perspective about being pushy
08:53 wcgaskins : I imagine that 2008-2009 will be budget crunches from sate and fed government education How will that affect us al
08:53 hshawjr : using the back door works sometimes, but not quick enough to help our present students enough
08:53 tansmom : yep- good point
08:53 snbeach : so they know how to help learners get what they need
08:53 tansmom : I told an onsite training that if you don't like it, change it
08:53 snbeach : Hi Miguel
08:53 kernkelley : show examples
08:53 mguhlin : Hi Sheryl! Great to chat with you again.
08:53 mjclausen : I like this approach for the start of the day...opens up conversation ideas for the rest of the day
08:53 chrislehmann-1 : We'll be talking about what to do and how to do it in my session this afternoon. (This is Zac Chase)
08:53 mjmontagne : veryone needs to share their success!!
08:53 snbeach : thought you didnt like pushy miguel hahahaha
08:53 tansmom : thought they were going to throw stuff at me
08:53 hshawjr : Like when I was in the military it was easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission
08:53 swagner : ask later.. easier to ask for forgiveness than permssion!
08:53 mjmontagne : I love the idea exchange that goes on in Twitter...
08:54 mguhlin : You've been successful, and shared it well, Sheryl <grin>
08:54 kpruitt : all the complaining about canned curriculum yet teachers shy away from anything that doesn't have a guide
08:54 snbeach : to create compelling models means research and time
08:54 jazzymiles : let your students be your voice
08:54 drmscearce : If you loose your job, you have no platform
08:54 snbeach : we need to start sharing action research now
08:54 snbeach : models will come from that
08:54 wcgaskins : yes
08:54 kernkelley : hmmmm
08:54 mguhlin : Quotable quote JazzyMiles "let your students be your voice"
08:54 tom_turner : @hshawjr that's usually my mantra with my teachers who are willing to jump on board with me
08:54 tansmom : I don't think anyone would lose the job if they were trying to be a better teacher, right?
08:54 snbeach : Most effective tool at your school
08:54 mjmontagne : Moodle...
08:54 tansmom : blogs
08:54 mjmontagne : Disagree Gary
08:55 wcgaskins : pencil and paper
08:55 snbeach : ideas in the books maybe
08:55 tom_turner : students
08:55 snbeach : but not the medium of books
08:55 kpruitt : the rod..
08:55 mguhlin : Books? Sheesh.
08:55 hshawjr : @tom_turner - sometimes it scares them to put it out there, but when they do they are often surprised and empowered
08:55 swagner : are books used effectively?
08:55 swagner : how many did you actually read in HS?
08:55 mjmontagne : Gary hasn't seen our students in study hall with 5 books, 5 binders, 5 spiral notebooks
08:55 leebaber : businesses fuel change in DOE
08:55 snbeach : ideas
08:55 mguhlin : What ARE we trying to accomplish according to Gary?
08:55 lizbdavis : Do we really need to learn to teach differently? I think there are a lot of great teachers not using technology.
08:55 snbeach : any tool to communicate and collaborate
08:55 jazzymiles : be strategic, approach reform like a Chess game within a system that is steeped in politics and ignorance
08:55 hshawjr : books are great, but 60 pound backpacks are pretty horrible
08:55 snbeach : yes we do Liz
08:55 leebaber : get industry involved
08:55 tom_turner : @hshawjr the ultimate "AHA" moments are then to come from the new/never adapters then
08:55 mjclausen : Text books are not used effectively when they are used as the curriculum instead of as a support for the curr
08:56 snbeach : because the classroom has to reach out from behind 4 walls
08:56 snbeach : we have to move toward passion based student centered inquiry driven models
08:56 JackieB : I read hundereds
08:56 mguhlin : @lizbdavis learning without technology prevents access to virtual learning spaces...and that's where it is at!
08:56 drmscearce : kids shouldn't be carrying textbooks, they should be a reference
08:56 mjmontagne : @textbook companies-get with the 21st century distribution model...stop lagging
08:56 mguhlin : or needs to be.
08:56 snbeach : teachers have been chained by standards and test
08:56 hshawjr : @tom_turner - yeah AHA moments not only happen to students, but have to happen to our teachers
08:56 snbeach : 21st C needs to move beyond that
08:56 wcgaskins : yes
08:56 mguhlin : @snbeach i agree
08:56 debbaker : new to the conversation here...the problem with a textbook is that the kids can't make the content their own
08:57 kpruitt : Is this a Mac ad???
08:57 debbaker : they can't mark it up, change it or make it personal
08:57 johnrivera : it goes back to modeling how to use books. blogs, tools to be better informed/educated
08:57 kernkelley : top down vs bottom up
08:57 mjmontagne : @debbaker...I agree...and they have way too many mistakes...they are inherently faulty
08:57 snbeach : we are constraining our kids in ways that are not productive for their future
08:57 irtemed : 50 ways to use a wiki
08:57 swagner : david has a PC!
08:57 timlauer : @snbeach... before standards and tests... what was the excuse then?
08:57 kpruitt : :)
08:57 lizbdavis : @snbeach Yes - but those teachers are still doing great teaching. They just need to learn the power of technology.
08:57 snbeach : forget the tools
08:57 mjclausen : Good teaching is good teaching regardless of the tool
08:57 leebaber : unfortuntely$$ dictates the biggest top down changes
08:57 snbeach : the tools will change
08:57 snbeach : rethink your practice
08:57 tansmom : clap clap snbeach
08:57 hshawjr : I have used OneNote to make textbooks my own it works a lot better, scanners are a pain though
08:57 mjclausen : But new tools do require new ways of teaching
08:57 wcgaskins : All these tools (web 2.0) helps kids share or becomes a story about what they are learning
08:58 tansmom : that is why it is so slow to change
08:58 mjclausen : just like MRIs changed what it means to be a good doctor
08:58 tansmom : b/c it is a mind shift
08:58 lbilak : communities need to demand change
08:58 snbeach : it is slow to change because of the culture of school
08:58 debbaker : think of what we could use the money that we spend on textbooks for?
08:58 tansmom : not just "give them a smartboard"
08:58 snbeach : for example
08:58 johnrivera : modeling practice is so important. When you don't use a web 2.0 tool in your classroom, you are saying that it is not important to succeed in this class
08:58 snbeach : we created 50 min school periods
08:58 swagner : the texbook companies have dragged us along for the last 30 years
08:58 hshawjr : @tansmom - That is the best I have heard - Mindshift
08:58 drmscearce : communities need to value creativity
08:58 snbeach : we can rethink that
08:58 lbilak : parents are the key to moving the process along
08:58 snbeach : blogs are a medium
08:58 Deacs84 : as a society we need to value creativity
08:58 snbeach : a canvas
08:58 snbeach : they are not the learning
08:59 mjmontagne : teachers are pretty addicted to textbooks...I think the textbook comapnies like that
08:59 mjclausen : A blog is actually a great tool for meeting 99% of the comm arts curriculum
08:59 snbeach : they are not the strategy
08:59 snbeach : they are one of many choices
08:59 debbaker : textbooks are safe...
08:59 snbeach : and blogs will change soon
08:59 snbeach : to a new tool
08:59 dhammond : teachers - step one, learn about RSS and get a reader
08:59 snbeach : do NOT make your teachers tool, dependent
08:59 Deacs84 : strategic and not reactive, tool-dependent
08:59 snbeach : I agree diane
08:59 lizbdavis : Chris thinks we should read actual books :)
08:59 lbilak : they need to take over the meetings they attend and be like Will, Gary, Sylvia
08:59 hshawjr : textbooks are safe for non-educators, it is how they were taught and they understand it
08:59 mjmontagne : @snbeach-yes, tool dependant is bad...
08:59 snbeach : good writing-- begins with reading no matter what the tool
09:00 kernkelley : the tech tool HAS to replace something they currently use - not enough time otherwise
09:00 Deacs84 : textbooks are a crutch?
09:00 debbaker : @hshawjr correct
09:00 tansmom : I am not so sure I agree kernkelley
09:00 PaulPam2 : I wish we could get to our web 2.0 tools they are blocked
09:00 kpruitt : teachers do need to know what tools are available to be effective, right?
09:00 mjclausen : tool dependant put us in the spot we are in now--textbook and pencil dependant
09:00 snbeach : have students create the textbooks using what ever outcomes you decide.. state standards.. or others
09:00 kernkelley : teachers don't have time otherwaise
09:00 debbaker : goes back to...if they don't know the possbilities, they won't know what to ask or look for
09:00 snbeach : let them design the learning experiences
09:00 mjmontagne : @mjclausen-yep
09:00 tansmom : it can't be seen as another thing- it has to be embedded
09:00 snbeach : let them figure out how mastery of objectives will be shown
09:01 ehelfant : we've moved to coursepacks and to text as resource only
09:01 tansmom : otherwise it will seem like there is not room for it
09:01 snbeach : they can use texts, web 2.0, people
09:01 kernkelley : exactly - can't be added on
09:01 hshawjr : snbeach - that is what the goal of each class should be to develop their thinking skills and actually make something they will remember
09:01 wcgaskins : The power of using Wiki in the classroom can be powerful for helping students design their learning
09:01 dhammond : find your heros, ok, be a hero for your students
09:01 hshawjr : critical thinking skills
09:01 snbeach : that is right and if they develop the leqarning activities and help you decide what is impt to learn.. then they will engage more and own it
09:01 Deacs84 : they remember what they create, they create when they are part of the story