Each of the following cases represents typical MOUSE Squad Schools. Consider your examinations of various qualities within a MOUSE Squad school. Rank the schools from 1 -3; 1 meaning most successful environment, 3 meaning least successful.

Metropolitan Civic School (MCS)

MCS has a desktop PC or Mac in nearly every classroom and students have two large computer labs available. A long-time partner of MOUSE, the Faculty Advisor recognizes MOUSE Squad as an essential experiential learning program and volunteers time to run a team of engaged students. The Faculty Advisor isn’t paid per session and maintains a full load of math classes. MCS has no dedicated technician. The Metropolitan Civic School’s principal enjoys offering a wide array of opportunities for students and is happy to have MOUSE Squad on the list and is not chiefly concerned with the role of tech support for the school.

Brooklyn Bridges High School (BBHS)

Brooklyn Bridges High School has two laptop carts which are used throughout the school when/where needed. The students predominantly speak English as a second language and are extremely interested in technology. The Faculty Advisor of BBHS transferred from another school where she served as award winning advisor of MOUSE Squad. At BBHS, the Advisor is inundated with responsibilities and is often unable to attend technical trainings or professional development with MOUSE. The principal believes MOUSE Squad is beneficial for students but is not technology-oriented and has provided a budget to hire a technician. The school’s technician is dedicated and spends 80% of his time on level one-support.

CASE III Rank___
Raymond Burr Career and Education Technology Vocational High School

Burr maintains several tech-classes as a CTE school, including an A+ Certification course where most of the MOUSE Squad students stem from. One of the school’s Faculty Advisors teaches the A+ course and another manages the Squad’s schedule and workflow. The school technician is part-time and coordinates his responsibilities with the MOUSE Squad. The principal and A.P. provide funds for bi-weekly pizza for the MOUSE Squad.