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Chat notes from EduCon on UStream:

01:50 chrislehmann-1 : marcie hull, zac chase, tim best
01:50 LucyGray : Ah thanks
02:30 jepcke : is this session starting @ 2:30?
02:32 chrislehmann-1 : roughly
02:33 JackieB-1 : Is this Chris or the person using Chris' ID?
02:33 chrislehmann-1 : this is the person filming for channel 6
02:33 chrislehmann-1 : my name is hannah, and i am a student at sla
02:33 JackieB-1 : Ah - hello then and Thanks!
02:33 chrislehmann-1 : =]
02:34 JackieB-1 : I appreciate your coming in on Sunday to help.
02:34 chrislehmann-1 : I wouldn't miss it!
02:34 chrislehmann-1 : there are a bunch of us here
02:37 JackieB-1 :
02:38 jepcke : who's presenting here?
02:39 JackieB-1 : One of the SLA teachers - Zach Chase
02:39 jepcke : thanx
02:40 JackieB-1 : Your welcome.
02:41 jeffmason : @jepcke also
02:43 ecram3 : now I got it
02:43 ecram3 : This is Marcie Hull
02:46 mkm420fritz : This is Megan Fritz
02:49 mkm420fritz : What's the topic here?
02:50 JackieB-1 : Hi Megan!
02:50 mkm420fritz : Hi!
02:50 JackieB-1 : topic: Title: Separate but Equal(ly Driven): Owning Educator Learning through 2.0
02:50 tkidd132 : Seperate but Equa(ly of methods to contribute to conversation.
02:51 tkidd132 : Teacher 2.0
02:51 mkm420fritz : is there a link to her work with her students?
02:52 tkidd132 : For Who?
02:52 mkm420fritz : The woman who is talking
02:53 jepcke : kids are solving real problems -- well done
02:54 jepcke : research, inquiry, knowledge, presentation, collaboration, reflection -- did I get them all?
02:54 mkm420fritz : yes - there were 6
02:54 jepcke : are those the right 6?
02:55 mkm420fritz : hey now - I'm a college gentle!!!
02:55 chrislehmann-1 : there are five
02:55 mmiller7571 : higher ed is very far behind sorry mkm42
02:55 chrislehmann-1 : inquiry research collaboration presentation and reflection
02:55 jepcke : thanx
02:56 mkm420fritz : you are correct....higher ed is far behind but not all higher ed...
02:56 mmiller7571 : I just spent the past 2 years working on my specialist and all we did were powerpoint presentations and listen to the sage on the stage
02:56 mmiller7571 : not all you are correct
02:57 mmiller7571 : student teachers should come to us with more tech knowledge
02:58 chrislehmann-1 : feel free to contribute on this chat - i'll shout it in
03:00 mkm420fritz : what was that? my42?
03:00 chrislehmann-1 : mind42
03:00 chrislehmann-1 : com
03:03 tkidd132 : I am just learning about Mind42....I am learning about it
03:04 LucyGray-2 : What is that shout button for ?
03:04 LucyGray-2 : So we can cheer in the chat?
03:04 LucyGray-2 : lol
03:05 chrislehmann-1 : there is a link to the mindmap on the wikispace
03:05 chrislehmann-1 : which you can reach from the main educon wiki
03:06 jepcke : and this weekend is about bringing 'birds of a feather' together, for conversation
03:06 jepcke : for community building, networking, talk about ways to improve what we do with kids
03:07 mkm420fritz : Thanks for the link!
03:07 cadamsf : can you put it up again? I lost the feed
03:08 mkm420fritz :
03:10 carcher : I'm wondering as the tech coordinator of the building, is it appropriate to tout what is going on or do you think it is better to have the teacher themselves do it?
03:12 mmiller7571 : everyone needs to shout about the positives
03:12 mmiller7571 : We had a popular local news anchor speak to my graduate class.....
03:13 mmiller7571 : said that something that is a "first" really makes the news
03:13 mmiller7571 : They are looking for innovations or first time things
03:25 mmiller7571 : if you have a student teacher,share this info with their cooperating teacher when you have to meet with them
03:26 colemama : Will we ever get to the point that the informal learning has as much if not more value than the formal learning?
03:27 colemama : and I should actually qualify that as "formal schooling" rather than formal learning as I'm not sure that learning always occurs...
03:28 mmiller7571 : this informal environment "triggers" so many ideas from stuff I have already logged in my brain I just wasn't sure how to use it until now
03:28 colemama : can you *teach* the intrinsic value of PD?
03:30 chrischampion : do you find that your colleagues don't value PD?
03:30 mmiller7571 : they value the PD they choose
03:30 mmiller7571 : not necessarily what is chosen for them
03:31 jazzymiles : and the continuous arguement is "not enough time with PD."
03:31 chrischampion : right... so to use Joyce Valenza's statement: you might have to do it as subterfuge
03:32 mmiller7571 : and the opposite argument is after PD not enough time to reflect or implement it
03:32 jazzymiles : my humble opinion is that we have to make time...
03:32 colemama : if PD is self-initiated it is very valuable, but the traditional models usually don't *stick*
03:32 chrischampion : the PD might not be the district-identified strategy...
03:32 chrischampion : instead it might be for us to show others how well something works to make thing easier instead of adding another thing to do
03:32 mmiller7571 : for example my district is very heavy into a reading initiative that takes a lot of time this is sort of adhoc PD
03:33 chrischampion : Ask a teacher: what things really frustrate you?
03:33 chrischampion : then find a solution to help them overcome that....
03:33 colemama : I keep trying to show others - don't feel that I'm successful (at least not enough - I realize it takes 'baby steps' but how long do we wait?)
03:34 jazzymiles : where do you find time in your day for PD? for me 9PM-??? early AM
03:34 mmiller7571 : time?? I had my laptop in the bathroom this morning while I was getting ready so I wouldn't miss this I know TMI
03:35 mmiller7571 : my iPod is huge PD for me to and from work
03:35 mmiller7571 : and when my husband is watching football
03:35 colemama : @mmiller7571 but that's you - there's intrinsic value for you! How do we give that to others?
03:35 mmiller7571 : I just talk about all the fun stuff I hear It is amazing how many of my teachers have iPods know and not because I asked them too
03:36 mmiller7571 : I am blogging in my staff blog right now about this conference. They can read it or not but it might peak their interest
03:37 jazzymiles : managing time is so huge for me and honestly I find myself driven to my own learning after everyone goes to bed, that's my time.
03:37 mmiller7571 : ME TOO
03:37 mmiller7571 : then I fall asleep but I get as much as I can
03:37 jazzymiles : Husband, father, teacher, then learner
03:38 jazzymiles : everyday
03:38 chrischampion : But the real action needs to happen externally
03:38 chrischampion : not at 11pm
03:38 jazzymiles : sleep? what is that?
03:38 mmiller7571 : :):):)
03:38 mmiller7571 : I have the same issues and do the best I can
03:39 jazzymiles : @chris...yes. information constapation is no good
03:39 cadamsf : that's why I have been sick all week...
03:40 jazzymiles : sorry for the visual.
03:40 cadamsf : this is incredible to work with it almost work like play
03:40 cadamsf : do you get your kids to buy into it? my kids use toon do to retell stories in Spanish but I dont know how to publicize especially if we really shouldn't use blogs and wikis and we are using them
03:40 mmiller7571 : cracking me up I too am info exhausted and I haven't even been there
03:41 khokanson-1 : why isit that you "shouldn't be using them"
03:41 cadamsf : or is that the problem and I missed it :)
03:41 cadamsf : our district blocks all of those things
03:41 cadamsf : we have an intranet set called first class and we were directed to use that only
03:42 khokanson-1 : @cadamsf then YOUR mission is to prove why these things should NOT be blocked
03:43 khokanson-1 : best practices
03:43 chrischampion : perhaps one small step at a time
03:43 chrischampion : Introduce a Moodle that can be blocked from outside (walled garden)
03:43 cadamsf : ok that's why I'm here
03:43 chrischampion : sample work posted to the school's website
03:44 cadamsf : We're using a wiki that is private
03:44 cadamsf : ohhhh they're talking about me!
03:44 cadamsf : We have open house tomorrow so I am trying to figure out what to do first
03:44 chrischampion : OK... so as Zac is saying... we need to share with the outside
03:44 colemama : agrre that learning has to occur outside of school - it really needs to be part of who we are and what we do
03:44 chrischampion : open house
03:45 jazzymiles :
03:45 chrischampion : where are you?
03:45 cadamsf : Atlanta
03:46 cadamsf : start with the wiki pages
03:46 cadamsf : :)
03:46 mmiller7571 : my daily info blog or my reflective principal blog
03:46 chrischampion : pick the tool you're best at and make it your presentation
03:47 cadamsf : ok I think I know how to start thanks
03:47 jazzymiles : hmm, decisions, decisions...reflective principal blog
03:47 cadamsf : can I get some email address or twitters?
03:47 chrischampion : @mrchase
03:47 mmiller7571 :
03:47 chrischampion :
03:48 khokanson-1 : @khokanson twitter kristinhokanson on skype
03:48 mmiller7571 : twitter mmiller7571 but I am not very good at twitter yet
03:48 mmiller7571 : ::):):)
03:48 chrischampion : that was zac's
03:48 cadamsf : cool
03:48 colemama : colemama on twitter
03:48 chrischampion : <----------- skype, twitter
03:49 colemama : that's terrific advice!
03:49 colemama : or if you Ustream authentic presentations, invite parents
03:50 jazzymiles : jazzymiles on twitter
03:50 jazzymiles : jazzymiles1 on skype
03:50 cadamsf : for parents that aren't online??
03:50 cadamsf : or show part of the ustream presentation?
03:51 jazzymiles : mmiller you are officially in the ole aggragator
03:52 mmiller7571 : hey that's cool I got a little behind for some months but I am back
03:52 chrischampion : http://EduWiki.US/
03:52 mmiller7571 : you, wife, principal, house cleaner, cook, dishwasher :):):):)
03:54 chrischampion : tag: educon2.1
03:54 chrischampion : Zac sez: food is great. Bring them in
03:55 chrischampion : do it Pot Luck
03:55 colemama : Thanks for the conversation!
03:55 cadamsf : thanks
03:55 cadamsf : from the slow South :) to change the world ohhh no it's just 2.1
03:56 carcher : Thank you.