Ride Shares, Hotel Shares and General Meet-Up Information:

Looking to find folks at EduCon? Post here!

Need room or roommate! Here are some folks looking to share:
need room or roommate Technolibrary@gmail, lmmaine@gmail.com

Thursday Evening
What: Dinner
When: 6:30pm
Meet: Windsor Suites Lobby - ~6:00pm
Who: Jen Wagner, John Pederson (608-642-2780), Wendy Drexler, Anna, Carolyn Foote, Sharon P & Meg, Linda N, Kristen, Diana (???)
Info: It looks like Sharon & Meg will be the latest arrivals at 5:15pm, Thursday. We'll keep an eye out for them (and Jen) and work dinner from there!
Where: ? (Please suggest!)
Let me know what KIND of food you are looking for and I will direct :) khokanson
Note from Carolyn--My flight has been cancelled, so I am now arriving at 7 p.m. Let me know if you haven't left for dinner yet or where you end up!

Friday Morning
What: Constitution Center
When: Early Friday AM
Meet: Windsor Suites Lobby - 9:00 am
Who: Jen Wagner, John Pederson
Cost is $12. Includes AMAZING digital story event plus a wonderful museum of constitutional info and facts. You can video yourself being sworn in as President -- :)
Independence Hall is JUST down the street -- if you wish to go see it and the Liberty Bell.
We will contact the hotel for "FREE" tickets to Independence Hall -- hopefully, we won't have to wait in line.
Back to SLA by 1:30ish!
Just FYI -- at NECC -- I spent only 1 hour at the Constitution Center, and it was the highlight of my entire trip!!! (Jen)

Ride Share from Airport
I'm arriving from Boston at 8:30 Friday morning and returning at 5pm on Sunday. I rented a car for the weekend - I'm happy to meet up with others and drive to/from the hotel. - Liz Davis: lizbdavis@gmail.com.

I'm arriving Friday afternoon at 4:30 (airport) - anybody want to share a taxi? Sylvia Martinez sylvia@genyes.com

Or Take the Train from the Plane:
You can take the R1 SEPTA Airport Train to center city Philly (30th Street Station). More information can be found at the SEPTA website. - Gamal Sherif: gsherif@scienceleadership.org.

My plane touches down @ 9:29 Friday morning--don't know best way to get from airport to SLA. I ldepart Sun @ 4:15, so have to fiure out what time to be back at the airport and how I'm going to get there. Anyone else coming in around that time Fri who is travel savvy? Cathyjonelson@gmail.com

I'm arriving from NH , Southwest at 10:35am on Friday. Not sure how to get to SLA but Durff told me to take a taxi. I'll be glad to share a ride with anyone who is around. Maria mknee@sau53.org.

Car Pool from Chester County?

Anyone driving from southcentral PA? I live in Hagerstown, MD. Looking to catch a ride with someone .... mrsdurff@gmail.com

Arriving from Northern Chester County on Friday. Will commute from Chester Springs on Friday. ... lvnitsche@gmail.com

Arrivals & Departures

Anything Else?
Jen Wagner
4:30ish Thursday PM
5:30ish Sunday PM

Kevin Jarrett
5:00ish Friday PM
5:30ish Sunday PM
Coming Friday night for conference kickoff & dinner. Only staying over on Saturday night. Can't make the site visit. :(
CathyJo Nelson
9:30 Friday AM
4:15 Sunday PM

Maria Knee
10:35 Friday AM
8:20 PM Sunday

Diana Laufenberg
10:30pm Thursday
3:30pm Sunday

Liz Davis
I am renting a car and driving to/from the airport. I have room for 2 more in the car (see above)
Robin Ellis
10:00 Friday AM
5:00 PM Sunday

Beth Knittle
1 pm Friday
4:15 Sunday

Sharon Peters
5:15 PM Thursday
12:00 Monday
I have a rental car for those few days and am willing to give rides to and from the airport around those times.
Sylvia Martinez
5PM Friday
5PM Sunday
flying in, driving out
Lisa Durff
Friday aiming for am hours
4:00pm Sunday
pray for NO SNOW or ICE Jen!
Bryce & Pamela Livingston
Sat a.m. sometime
leaving Sunday p.m.
will be driving back to Northern NJ -so looking forward to this!!
Susan Carter Morgan +2
Friday, train around 11
Sunday train 2:00

Louise Maine
Friday night
leaving around 2 pm Sunday
Will have a car and a TomTom!
John Pederson
12:30pm Thursday
Flying Out 4:00pm Sunday
Jen Wagner and I are looking for friends for dinner Thursday evening. Phone: 608-642-2780, Twitter http://www.twitter.com/ijohnpederson

Carolyn Foote
2:30 p.m. Thursday
flying out Sunday 6 p.m. ish
Jen, Ijohn, Can join you for dinner? will need fast way to airport sunday.
Lisa Thumann
Fri 10 AM
Sat night
I used to live in Philly - I'm so psyched!!!
Art Gelwicks
Friday before lunch
In and out every day
I live pretty locally so I'll be in and out every day. Looking forward to the site visit and meeting everyone for the first time!
Arthus Erea
Friday Night
Sunday Afternoon
Looking forward to it; might need some help with rides